Welcome to My Blog!

I initially thought about starting a fashion blog years ago, but chickened out. I guess, I was mainly fearful of the amount of time I’d need to invest, but overall the idea of putting my thoughts out there for anyone to read and criticize, terrified me. Well, let’s be honest – it still does! It wasn’t until getting together with a few of my sorority sisters and hearing their encouraging words (thank you, Kelly and Amanda!), I started to give it a second thought. I’m somewhat of a private person and really don’t even share much on social media, so this is kind of scary for me. But, here goes nothing!

So, this isn’t the fashion blog I once thought I’d write nor the mommy fashion blog my girls were hoping I’d write (sorry ladies – but, I promise I’ll sprinkle it in here and there). However, fashion is still a big passion of mine. My priorities have merely shifted ever-so-slightly when I learned I was pregnant with my darling daughter, Nora. From that point on, I become overly conscious (my husband, Brent, may say somewhat obsessed) with protecting ourselves (and especially protecting Nora and my baby boy, Charlie) from the harmful chemicals and toxins that surround us on a daily basis.


From the foods we eat, to the personal care products we use every single day, I started to realize that we as a society are hurting ourselves if we’re not careful. So, it has become my mission to protect my family, to the best of my ability (without going too overboard). I simply want to control what I can – what comes into my home. These are the products (I love and loathe) and some tips I’ve found to make my family and home safer and healthier. I hope you’ll join me on my journey to cleaner living!

Be Well,


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