No More Lanolin – Hello, Coconut Oil!


My love for coconut oil really started with a need to safely prevent diaper rash. Initially, I was using  A&D ointment as a skin protector, thinking it was totally safe . Until one day, I stopped and look at the ingredients. “What the heck is lanolin?!” So, naturally, I turned to Google and began typing “lanolin” – and “lanolin toxicity” popped up as the first search. Based upon what I read, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be putting potentially toxic secretion from sheep’s’ wool on my little darling’s tushy (or in their mouths from lanolin on my breastfeeding nipples – I used this instead). Basically, what I got out of what I read is that it is a controversial ingredient. One that is very difficult to clean, as the refining process (which involves chemicals) varies from company to company. It’s likely to find dirt, dust, pollen, sweat, fecal matter, etc. Beyond that, it contains GMOs. That was enough for me. So, I just decided to avoid it.  

Which then raised the question; what natural, organic, non-toxic skin protectant is safe to use on my babies? Recommendation after recommendation, I kept reading about the amazing (and many) benefits of coconut oil. Having some already on hand (for cooking purposes), I decided to give it a whirl – and, I’ve never turned back! I absolutely love this stuff and now use it as my cure-all for just about everything! I use it as an all-over moisturizer (for myself and my littles), my face wash/eye make-up remover/eye cream, on my hair to repair dry, split ends, in my morning cup of coffee, etc. Seriously, the uses are endless!

However, not all coconut oil is created equally. I make sure to buy organic and unrefined coconut oil (preferably in a glass jar, as I try to avoid plastic whenever possible). Another tip you may find helpful if you make the switch to coconut oil as your A&D ointment substitute – you’ll find that it’s somewhat difficult to find a container to easily (and safely throw in your diaper bag). I just use old baby food jars. Works like a charm!

So, do your research on the personal care products you use on yourself (and especially on your littles)! If it isn’t safe, chances are coconut oil may just do the trick! 😉

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