Dress Up a Basic Wardrobe Ever-So-Easily With These Key Pieces

Being the stay-at-home-mom that I am now, it’s still important for me to feel “dressed” everyday – it just makes me feel better and ready to take on the day! When I worked, I absolutely loved getting all dolled up each day. But, times have changed, and I’ve turned into more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal; as comfort and practicality only make sense when you’re running around and playing on the floor with your little ones. But, before I step out the door with my little ones, I like to throw on few key pieces that instantly dress up this basic wardrobe of mine.


Printed scarf: when it comes to the basic, everyday wear, I tend to run from prints! If you looked in my closet, you’d pretty much see all black, white, gray and navy. Which makes a great canvas for fun accessories like a printed scarf (from places like H&M). Not sure how to wear it? Here’s a great video on 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Leopard print ballet flats (or loafers): let me start by declaring my love for animal print! It is the perfect neutral and really does go with everything – trust me! Plus, they add instant sass to any outfit! 😉 Check out Shopstyle for endless options to choose from. Mine are by Yosi Samra.

Chic sunglasses: nothing says glam like a pair of cat-eye shades or a cool pair of aviators! And, you can find them for super cheap (at Target) – this is on of those item that I just can’t ever bring myself to splurging on, as I’m always just throwing them in a bag and my daughter loves to play with them too, so they’re bound to get ruined.

A great, timeless jacket: I have this little ¾ length sleeve, ivory (purchased before children), wool jacket that I absolutely love! Okay, you’re probably thinking I’m completely crazy to wear ivory with a 2-year-old and 3-month-old, but it hasn’t been blown up in my face just yet. I’m sure that heartbreaking day is near, where one of them is bound to make a mess of it. With that said, it would definitely make more sense to opt for a more practical color…like black or navy! But, regardless, it goes with everything and it’s so timeless and makes me feel like lady. So, I will wear it until that tragic day comes! But, you get the idea here – timeless and versatile! Nordstrom always has a great selection (of everything)! 

Spin pins: oh how I love me a messy bun! I wish I had the time and energy to blow out my hair everyday (like I use to), but let’s be honest, most moms don’t! Ladies, do yourself a favor and order yourself a pair of spin pins – they really help tame my mane, and so stylishly, too!

Jewelry/Watch: specifically my Jane Basch yellow gold monogram necklace (which is super special to me as my husband gave it to me when my daughter was born), my yellow gold/silver slightly-over-sized watch, and diamond huggie earrings. They really do add a little something extra (without looking like I’m trying too hard – because, who has time for that?!)

Colorful lip gloss: before I step out the door, I like to slap on a pop of color with some lip gloss. I really like Jane Iredales’s PureGloss Lip Gloss (in Crabapple and Sugarplum)! It’s pretty amazing what a colorful lip gloss can do for a girl, especially when you haven’t had a chance to put on a full-face of makeup! 😉

Be Well (and Stylish),


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