Better Bedding for Baby


Have you ever stopped to think about the safety of your mattress – more importantly, your little one’s!? I really hadn’t given it much thought either, however, the more reading I did about living a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle, the more I began to learn about the potential dangers of toxic mattresses – yikes! Please forgive me – my intention is not to give you something else to worry about, I’m only trying to share what I’ve read (How To Avoid Harmful Toxins in Mattresses and Mattress Matters) and what seems to work for my family. When I stopped and thought about how much time my babies spend on their mattresses, and especially once they start sleeping on their tummies (which makes them even more susceptible to inhaling all of those potentially harmful chemicals), I started to freak out! Like, almost woke my daughter up to get her off of her mattress, freak out! 

However, I managed to restrain myself and waited until the next morning to dissect the labels on her crib mattress and mattress pad.  Ugh, there is was – exactly what I feared I would see – polyester, flame retardants and vinyl, oh my! The only thing that gave me some sort of peace of mind, was that this particular mattress was a hand-me-down, so it most likely had off-gassed the majority of the toxins. But, that still didn’t sit well with me, I wanted to hear straight from the source. So, I reached out directly to the manufacturer. I attempted not once, but twice, and I received zero response from Sealy! This lack of response, from what should be a simple inquiry about the materials used in our specific mattress and mattress pad, could only mean one thing – they did not want to disclose this information because it is harmful! Needless to say, I’ll never buy a Sealy mattress and urge you to do the same!

So, my search for a safe, non-toxic crib mattress was on! Again I (as I pretty always do) turned to Maia’s product guide at Gimme the Good Stuff to learn about some of the safest optionsI decided on a Naturepedic mattress – made with GOTS certified organic cotton and fire-resistant with all non-toxic ingredients. The only somewhat contestable aspect of this mattress seems to be the waterproof covering made of food-grade polyethylene. However, I determined that I was personally okay with this material, based upon what I read here (among other articles). I would’ve loved to buy  Soaring Heart or White Lotus mattresses for my littles, but let’s be honest, cost is always apart of the decision making process, and unfortunately, their price tags were just a little too hefty for my comfort level. Naturepedic literally fit the bill with a price point we were comfortable with. Plus,  I was able to purchase it from Buy Buy Baby and use a 20% off coupon (woo hoo!), which I was able to do for my son’s crib (pictured above) as well! 

Bottom line (in my opinion), try to go with a GOTS certified organic mattress if you can. If you can’t, consider wrapping your not-so-non-toxic mattress with a polyethylene cover like the kiwis do, use organic cotton sheets (or 100% cotton sheets, preferably made in the US) and have your little loveys sleep safely…then maybe you can actually get some rest yourself! 😉

Be Well,



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