Air-Purifying Houseplants

20150804_170323As much as I try to rid my home of as many indoor toxins as possible, I know very well that it is impossible eliminate them completely. We live in a toxic world. I get it. Luckily, there are simple ways to achieve cleaner air in your home.

One of my favorite ways is with air purifying plants. Peace lilies are my favorite – I have them in all of our bedrooms and all over the house! I first started buying these beautiful house plants merely because I thought they were pretty (I know, I’m so vain sometimes) – I had no idea just how beneficial they were! If you have little ones, I suggest purchasing smaller, tabletop peace lilies. Evidently, they are poisonous if ingested!!! So, please be careful!

If peace lilies aren’t your cup of tea (or if you have mischievous little toddler who is bound to find a way to get his/her hands on it no matter what you), here’s a great guide to a plethora of air-purifying plants, along with the toxins they help eliminate:


In addition to houseplants, I open up all my windows as much as possible (daily is ideal), even (and especially) during the colder months to help freshen our air. Other simple ways to Purify Your Home that I’m interested in trying include:

With cleaner air being this easy to achieve, why wouldn’t you try at least one of the option?!

Be Well,


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