Apple Watch Series 2 -I Never Thought I Wanted Nor Needed It, But…

img_2768-2My husband and I just celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary last week, and he treated me to the brand new Apple Watch Series 2! I’m not trying to brag here, my intention is only to share the awesomeness of this watch with you. To be honest, I actually felt pretty guilty about him getting it for me, considering I made him his gift. Granted, I went the sentimental route with a traditional gift of wood for 5 years, spelling out and linking our four names together in scrabble letters, and framed in a shadow box. But nonetheless, he spoiled me and definitely got me beat in the cool gift department.

Never in a million years would I have thought I wanted nor needed an Apple Watch, but let me tell you – it is a total game changer! Here’s what I’m totally loving about it:

Everything on your phone is now on your wrist, so you never miss an important text/phone call/etc. | Being a busy stay at home mom, I’m constantly running around the house with my 2-year-old daughter. So, it was always difficult for  me to have my phone on me at all times. With this watch, I never miss a beat – well, message. All notifications come directly to it. Oh, and if my phone is in another room (which it pretty much always is) or my hands are full (which they always are), and I can’t get to my phone – I can answer phone calls and reply to messages right from my watch! Total awesome-sauce!

Fitness tracker |  I contemplated getting some sort of fitness tracker, but they’re just not really my style. Luckily, the Apple Watch has an activity tracker built-in , so I now have a stylish all-in-one!

Fashionable | Apple made it, so of course it’s very sleek and stylish! And there’s a really nice selection of color combinations (I have the rose gold aluminum case with pink sand sport band), a huge selection of different faces and super-stylish band options available! Casetify has a pretty sweet selection!

Page my phone button | Being the total-flake-of-a-woman that I am, I can never keep track of my phone (my husband makes fun of me all the time for this one). So this little button is super handy and pages it for me! Love!

Built in GPS | going somewhere? The directions show up right on your wrist and vibrate whenever it’s time to turn!

It’s water-resistant (up to 50 meters)| Ok, I’m not a swimmer or anything, but this is pretty cool, considering I don’t have to worry about the thing getting wet during bath time or any other water-related toddler shenanigans!

Breathe app | Let’s face it, life is stressful! This app reminds you to stop and take one minute to calm yourself and just breathe. May sound silly, but it really is nice, especially since I’m the type of person who tends to hold my breathe when I’m stressed.

There’s probably a ton of other cool features, that I just haven’t figured out yet. But, what I’ve figured out so far, I really, really like and recommend this thing to anyone, especially other busy mamas that can never seem to keep track of their phone!

Be Well (and Stylish),


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