Flame Retardants In Kids Pajamas?!

With the sudden nip in the air, it’s tempting to put my little ones in cozy fleece pajamas. They’re just so warm and soft! However, last Winter I started noticing the flame retardant tags that inevitably seems to be attached to the majority of them. So I stopped, knowing full well of the dangers linked to flame retardants in kids products. Obviously, the last thing I wanted to do is have my children snuggled up with those nasty chemicals all night long. I know they’re necessary is some baby products, but jammies?! Really?!

So, what to do? How to keep you babies warm during these chilly months? Here’s what I do:

  • A warm sleep sack. My daughter has been sleeping in Aden + Anais sleeping bags since she was tiny, however, I just recently came across Woolino’s Wool Sleep Sack that I plan on purchasing for my son – it’s 100% natural, premium luxuriously-soft hypoallergenic Australian merino wool and GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • A personal space heater in their rooms.

If you need more information about the dangers of flame-retardants in children’s sleepwear, please read; here and here.

In my opinion, the last thing our children need is more unnecessary  exposure to flame retardants. Why not avoid it where you can and choose pajamas made of natural fibers instead of ones doused in toxins?

Be Well,




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