My Struggle Transitioning From One to Two Kids

If you ask most mamas that have more than two kids, it seems that the majority of them will tell you that they had the hardest time transitioning from none to one. Since, I transitioned from none to one surprisingly very easily, I thought going from one to two would be kind of a breeze. Yea. Haha! Joke was on me!

I’m the type of person that likes to keep things pretty light and positive, but let me get totally real and talk about the hellish time I had transitioning from one child to two children – only 20 months apart. The first month was hard. Really, really hard. I blame the majority of my difficulty on the amount of pain I was in after having my son. No, I didn’t have a c-section. No, it wasn’t even my delicate lady parts hurting from a vaginal delivery. It was excruciating pain in both of my legs! We’re talking every single movement hurt kind of excruciating pain. At first I just thought it was from my body tensing up beyond belief from my epidural not taking (yea, I felt everything!), but, it actually may have been from the epidural not being put in right. But regardless, either way, it was awful! I don’t think I’ve ever been in that much pain. And that level of physical pain, effected me emotionally…making the transition harder.

Then, I got mastitis within the first 3 weeks after my son was born. Three times. All within the course of one week. At that point I was still barely able to walk, so having to cope with piercing pain in my breasts, the chills and the sweats, on top of the pain I was already enduring, was the last thing I needed. I literally hurt from the tip of my head (evidently, one of the lovely side effects of mastitis, is a splitting headache) to the tips of my toes (from the toe-curling-pain involved in the first weeks of breastfeeding). I shutter just thinking about it.

If that wasn’t bad enough on its own, one morning my daughter professed she had to go “pee pee” (this was well before she regressed from potty-training completely), as she proudly and quickly ran away from me with pee dribbling down her legs and all over the floor. I painfully hobbled behind her, as fast as my bum legs would allow me to move, with my son attempting to breastfed from my mastitis-cursed breast. I scooped her up, dragged her to the bathroom and somehow managed to get her undressed and on the potty one-handed, with my son still attached to my raw nipple. Realizing she lost this battle, she then decided to throw a temper-tantrum, right there on the potty. My son started crying. I started crying. We all cried…hard!

The struggle is real. Two is no joke. The transition is rough. But it is short-lived. You get through it. And everything gets easier. Once you get past that first month, having two little ones is a truly magical thing. Seeing the love my daughter has for her baby brother, and watching him light up whenever she is near, just makes my heart happy. Easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely.

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Be Well (and Stay Sane),


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