Nursing In Non-Nursing Wear

If you’re anything like me, you too have the tendency to cringe at anything labeled “nursing wear” (or “maternity wear” for that matter – but that one I mostly had to just get over). So, I’ve never purchased anything labeled “nursing wear” (well, other than nursing bras, which is a totally necessity in my opinion). I simply came up with a few tricks of my own:


  • Tank tops: Simply wear a spaghetti strap camisole under any top your little heart desires, and you’re good to nurse wherever! My favorites are by Pact Apparel – they’re 100% organic cotton with a built-in bra! So, when you baby is hungry, just throw a blanket over your shoulder, lift up your shirt, shift the tank underneath your breast, and easily (and discretely) nurse your baby. Easy peasy!
  • Button-downs: Obviously, button down shirts are another great option. Aside from being completely practical for nursing, they just have a way of making you look “dressed” – which is a nice upgrade from my typical basic tees.
  • Wrap dresses/tops: When I need to get “dolled up” and still be able to nurse – a good old wrap dress is my best friend! Not only are they super flattering on just about every body type and fitting for just about every occasion – they’re super practical for feeding your little one!  
  • High waist leggings: I’ve thought about trying these High Waist Leggings by Blanqi, but just haven’t pulled the trigger on them. But, it seems like a solid solution for nursing, because you can where whatever kind of shirt you want. When you need to nurse, just pull up your shirt and your tummy is still covered by the leggings. Kinda cool!

Not totally related, but since I’m on the subject of nursing; here are a of couple other things to consider:

  • Ditch the popular lanolin nipple cream and opt for a safer choice like lanolin-free Earth Mama Angel Baby Non GMO Natural Nipple Butter Nursing Cream. Your babies first food should be safe and completely free of any potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Place cabbage leaves in your bra during those dreaded fist few weeks of breastfeeding. When your nipples adjusting to the pain of your little one nursing, cabbage does an amazing job of easing and cooling the pain. I know, it sounds so weird, but it seriously helped me so much! Plus, you can’t really get more natural than cabbage!
  • No need for those silly nursing aprons when it’s so easy (and more stylish) to simply throw a blanket over your shoulder. Plus, it’s one less thing to have to throw into your baby bag.

img_3294-2So, fellow nursing mamas and soon-to-be mamas planning on breastfeeding, there’s really no need to make a huge investment towards a nursing-friendly wardrobe. You can work with what’s in your current closet and simply make a few minimal purchases of these key pieces, and you’re good to nurse! Happy (stylish) mama – happy (breastfed) baby!


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