Baby Brain Go Away…

image1-2I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I totally had it together before I had my kids, that would just be a lie. I’m somewhat of a stereotypical blonde and have definitely had more than my fair share of blonde moments. But, I can not believe what being pregnant and raising two little ones has done to my brain. I am flakier than ever! I can’t keep a single train of thought, I’m more forgetful than ever, and my memory is completely shot. I can barely hold an adult conversation, I’m constantly searching for my phone, I forget to feed my dog most mornings, and it sometimes takes me days to remember that I never responded to a friend’s text/call/email. One time I actually forgot to pay my baby sitter! Who does that?! Sadly, this scatter-brained mama.

And honestly, I actually thought “baby brain” just meant pregnancy brain. Haha! Yea, no! Not only has my baby brain lasted well past my daughter’s arrival, it has actually gotten worse since the arrival of my baby boy! So, I guess it’s no longer baby brain – it’s mom brain! All l have to say is, thank goodness for my patient husband, friends and family. Thank you for being so patient and continuing to love me. Seriously. Thank you.

So, if make some grammatical errors in my blog posts with several run on sentences, rudely interrupt you with a story that is completely random and off topic, or fail to respond to you within a timely manner, please don’t take it personal. It’s just me, and my scattered-mom-brain, trying to function as best as I can. Maybe one day, my pre-baby brain will return. Until that day comes (please be soon), bare with me. I’m trying.


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