A Sweet Little Goodnight Poem

IMG_5397Trying to find clever ways to instill values into little ones can be quite tricky, without feeling like a complete drill Sargent all day, every day. I feel like I’m constantly saying things like; “what’s the magic word?”, “what do you say?”, “was that a nice thing to do?”, “how do you think that made (so and so) feel?'”. Oh-so-necessary, but purely exhausting! So, something like a Goodnight Prayer seemed like a fitting solution to add into our repertoire. But, being the non-religious person that I currently am, I kind of felt weird about reciting it to my toddler. (Although, she’s now asking me to pray with her before meals – which she’s learned at preschool and from my parents and sister. So maybe we will become a praying house after all ;-)). Regardless, I really wanted something sweet and uplifting to help teach my children the importance of being thankful, loving and kind – these three traits may just be the most valuable a person can possess. So, when I came across the poem below,  I thought it was pretty perfect!

Am I thankful for the night,
And for the pleasant morning light. 

For rest and food, and loving care,
And all that makes the day so fair. 

Please help me do the things I should,
To be to others, kind and good. 

In all I do and all I say, 
To grow more loving everyday. 

Sweet, right?! I started saying it to my daughter before bedtime, shortly after she turned 2 years old, and after only a few short weeks, she started reciting the verses with me! Occasionally, I’ll overhear her saying it to her loveys and baby brother – seriously. melt. my. heart! That sweet little voice of hers, saying these precious words was one of the most moving moments I’ve experienced as a mother. Proud mama moment for sure!

Let’s be honest, being a mama is no doubt challenging. But, taking the necessary time and energy to teach little ones the importance of strong values (and good manners) is even more challenging and utterly exhausting. So, finding little ways like this sweet poem, help make the lessons a little more bearable and definitely more enjoyable for little darlings.


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