A Healthier Cup Of Joe


Coffee. There is just no such thing as too much coffee these days. It’s what keeps me going after all those nights of constant interrupted sleep.  I use to be a 1-cup-a-day-kind-of-gal, so jumping on the Keurig bandwagon for convenience and ease of making a single cup of coffee at the drop of a hat, made sense. Pop it in. Pull it down. Press the button. Ahhh, a glorious cup of coffee in a matter of seconds! It’s simplicity and convenience is unmatched by any other.

But, those days when a simple cup of coffee would do the trick are gone – so very gone! Presently, I’m drinking more like 3 to 4 cups a day. And, going through that many individual coffee pods every single day seemed wasteful, bad for the environment, not to mention expensive. So, a new coffee-brewing device was in order – one that was better for the environment, my health, and my bank account.

The Dangers Of Individual Coffee Pods

Harm to the environment: Take a minute and just think about how many people are probably drinking coffee brewed from a coffee-pod. Kind of scary. Now think about how many cups they are most likely drinking a day. Even scarier. An estimated 30+% of American households have a Keurig or similar coffee pod machines. Ugh, that’s a lot of unnecessary plastic ending up in our landfills. Evidently, last year enough k-cups were sold to circle the globe 10.5 times! (source)

John Sylvan, the inventor himself regrets creating them in the first place! That right there tells you a lot, like STOP THE MADNESS! They produce a ton of waste, contain aluminum and aren’t biodegradable.

Harm to your health: To be honest, I hadn’t given this much thought, until my dear friend Vanessa (who tries just as hard to live as naturally as possible), brought it to my attention. And, I have to give credit where credit is due – so, thanks Lovely! She mentioned that she drinks Instant Coffee due to her fear of plastic – especially heating it up with super-hot water, and consuming its contents. And, she’s absolutely right – coffee pods do pose a potential risk to our health. The plastic used that may be BPA-free, however, some studies show that they still may contain harmful chemicals, especially when heated. More reasoning to try to avoid plastic as much as possible.

Two words – French Press. I started using a glass and stainless steel French Press by Cafe Du Chateau with organic coffee grounds and I’m totally digging it! It’s a less expensive solution to getting my much-needed-coffee-fix, it’s better for the environment, and to top it off, my health. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes and steps than the simplistic Keurig, but it’s totally doable! Beyond that, my daughter loves helping me push the plunger down. We’re all happy! It’s a win-win and total no-brainer. Coffee pod conundrum – solved!

As I turns out, my friend Vanessa and I aren’t the only ones concerned about the dangers of this coffee pod brewing trend. Evidently, this trend may be coming to an end. Will join the movement to help Kill the K-cup? Well, something to think about.


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