Sweet Board Books for Your Babes

FullSizeRenderbI always knew my dear friend Kristy Kurjan was bound for something great. Even at the young age of 18, when we were roommates our freshman year at Michigan State University…I just knew! Between her creativity and entrepreneurial-spirit, it came as no surprise when I found out she had written the award-winning children’s book Nap-a-Roo. Fast-forward two years, she decides to write not one more, but two more children’s books; The Many Ways To Say I Love You and Dream Sweet Dreams. My children absolutely adore them (and I was pleased to see that they were printed in the USA)!

My daughter immediately noticed the illustrations and their similarity to Kristy’s first book – “It’s like Nap-A-Roo” was the first things out of her mouth, and she wanted to continue reading them again and again. And, then insisted we read them to her baby brother, once he was up from his nap. So we did. Up until this point, my son was really only interested in books for the sole purpose of putting them in his mouth. So it was quite shocking when he actually refrained from “eating” Dream Sweet Dreams.

FullSizeRender (4)For the first time ever, he was captivated by the book in front of him and actually allowed me to read a story to him – without it ending up in his mouth! It quickly became his favorite book. The other night, was a rough night for my little man, and the only thing that seemed to calm him down and make him happy were some snuggles with Mama (duh!) and reading Dream Sweet Dreams to him – to the point that the book actually ended up in bed with him.  I guess he really can’t get enough of it!

The Many Ways To Say I Love You is so timely for my 2.5 year old daughter to read, as she is oh-so-very-interested in understanding the love – especially who loves her (“No, honey, the bank teller doesn’t love you, but she does think you are a very sweet little girl…”). This book perfectly illustrates the many ways we can express our love to those we cherish most in this world. It teaches little ones great lessons to gain a better understanding of love and the world around them. And, it is one of board books that always ends up in her bed with her during nap-time! I guess she can’t get enough either!

FullSizeRender (3)What I love most about all of Kristy’s books is that they are quick reads with likable, memorable rhymes, and captivating illustrations that hold a little one’s attention. Needless to say my kids and I are complete fans, and I think you will be too!

To learn more about Kristy’s books click here. Oh, and if you’re looking for a cute and unique gift idea, check this out! Happy reading!


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