Making Time to Fill My Cup with My Dailey Tribe

I’ve never been the type to particularly enjoy working out. You may actually be able to say I despise it. However, after having two kids, simply eating healthy just wasn’t enough. I needed help – something that would benefit me physically (keep me long and lean, yet toned) and emotionally (help reduce stress, while benefiting my mind and spirit). Yes I know, that’s kind of a tall order to ask of your fitness routine, but, I knew it was out there! Barre, had been my go-to workout in years past – back when I actually took the time to do something good for myself. It was a workout that I actually enjoyed, and saw noticeable results rather quickly, so I knew that was the route I would most likely take, however, the barre studios I’d experienced in the past just weren’t enough. I needed more.

20819527_10155550099552310_2011557756109290085_oFriends of mine had raved about The Dailey Method, so I finally made the time to go and give it a try. My first experience was at their annual Barre at the Beach event – it was simply wonderful! I was immediately intrigued and drawn to their community. And, I can not say enough good things about their Birmingham studio. From the owner (Carly, I love you!), to her team, to their community – these women are unbelievable – every single one of them! Beyond being on my way to having my healthiest, strongest, leanest body ever – I have actually found another tribe of remarkable women to help me better myself during this incredibly difficult time in my life (more on that at a later date). They inspire me, motivate me, believe in me, and encourage me. What an amazing community of women!

TDM_Feb2017_419If you’ve never heard or experienced Barre – you’re seriously missing out! I think the easiest way to describe it is a cross between yoga and ballet. Well, those are my words at least. It’s part cardio, part light weights, part mat Pilates, part ballet barre. It’s a full body work out, that helps better your alignment, build strength and increase flexibility – it is nothing short of amazing!

When I first started attending classes at Carly’s Birmingham location, I was only able to make a once-a-week commitment (making time for myself has always been a challenge of mine). But, even with this minimal time commitment of mine, I’ve got to tell you, I started noticing it’s benefits almost immediately. Now, I’ve increased my barre time to twice-a-week, and I’ve never felt better. I’m well on my way to my best body yet! Beyond feeling great physically, The Dailey Team have tremendously benefited me emotionally. Taking that one-hour to myself to fill my cup (while they watch my little ones – yes, they have child care available, too!) has more benefits than I could’ve imagined. I feel like a new woman, a better mom, and a more balanced self. I shared these following words with Carly, the owner of the Birmingham studio; “I love how empowered and strong I feel every single time I exit your doors. You truly have such an unbelievably amazing thing going on at your studio –  your team, your students, your community, your values – everything is just so right! I can not even begin to express how grateful I am to have found you! I love being apart of your Dailey Tribe!”


Teaching my little ones the importance of self love and living a healthy lifestyle is as equally important to me. So, I make a point to discuss the value of it with them often. I talk to them about how taking time to do something good for my mind and body, helps keep me healthy and happy (being happy and healthy is our main goal, over here!) Additionally, I hope it helps them embrace and actually live a healthy lifestyle themselves one day. It’s cute to see the positive impact it already has on my three year daughter. She’s always asking me to show her new barre moves, expresses interest in joining me at class someday, and I oftentimes over-hear her pretend play involving her going to a barre class herself. Lead by example, right?!

If you too are searching for a new fitness regimen, that is actually enjoyable, truly beneficial, surrounded by strong women, who’s goal is to build each other up, please do yourself a favor and check out The Dailey Method. It’s not a quick fix, rather a lifestyle – a healthy, beautiful, balanced lifestyle, and I absolutely love it! It’s true what they say…it takes a village. And, witnessing women helping other women is such a beautiful thing! I so grateful to have my Dailey Tribe!


P.S. Today is The Dailey Method – Birmingham Barre Studio‘s 5th Birthday! Congratulations, Carly and your TDM Team! Here’s to the next 5 years!

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  1. Wow! I am so humbled by your courage. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have no doubt your story will inspire other mamas to know they too are worth self-care.

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