A Safer Way to Surf the Crimson Wave

So here I am, trying to eliminate as many chemicals and toxins from my life as possible…I mean, I eat as much organic food as I can get my hands on, I use safe, non-toxic personal care products and makeup, I only clean our house with water and white vinegar (and Norwex), etc. – however, the safety of my feminine care products was one of the last things I considered. If you’re anything like me, and try to eliminate as many toxins and chemicals from your life as possible, but haven’t considered the concern of the feminine care products you use each month, you might want to! Thank goodness for that day when it just hit me, could I actually be poisoning myself with the feminine care products I reach for, without hesitation, each month? Sadly, I think so.

So, this is a little bit of a taboo topic, and little weird to talk about, however, I really think it’s important to! When I was doing research on the importance of organic cotton for my little one’s clothing, I just had an epiphany and realized how harmful our most trusted tampon brands could be on our health. At the risk of sounding extremely graphic (forgive me), please consider the fact that that very cotton is most likely laced with plenty of harmful chemicals, fragrances, and pesticides – which is being directly absorbed right into our bloodstream. Yikes!

So, I made the switch to Seventh Generations organic cotton tampons and have never looked back! Evidently, there seem to be plenty of organic options out there! Some other companies I’m interested in trying include Lola and Cora. Both are a monthly subscription plan – say goodbye to the days of frantically running out to the store to re-stock your tampon supply! However, if you want to skip (yet another) subscription, and prefer just picking it up during one of your many trips Target for the week, like I do, I suggest grabbing yourself organic cotton tampons and/or pads from Seventh Generation or L. – and give your body a break from all of those nasty chemicals! If you’re looking for even more eco-friendly options? Consider the menstrual cup or cloth pads. Personally, neither option I can quite hop on board with, but more power to you if you can!

If you’re interested in reading up on the dangers of traditional feminine care products, here are some great articles worth reading; read me and me

Please, please, please, do that beautiful body of yours a tremendous favor and switch to organic cotton feminine care products or better yet – eco-friendly options, like menstrual cups or cloth pads – and stop absorbing all of those nasty chemicals, laced in traditional, main-stream brand products! We can’t control everything, but we certainly can control what comes into our homes…and our bodies! Treat it well!


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