Materials Matter

Have you ever stopped and looked at your clothing tags to see exactly what materials you’re wearing? Not much thought (or tag-viewing) ever went into my clothing purchasing either. My shopping mainly consisted of needing to check a few necessities off my short list. Cute? Flattering? Comfortable? Reasonably priced? Sold! One day, it dawned on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Safe, Natural Makeup!

I think it's safe to say that you've probably heard about harmful chemicals being used in many of the personal care products we use on a daily basis. What's so scary about this industry is that no premarket safety testing is required for the industrial chemicals that go into personal care products or the chemical industry as a whole.... Continue Reading →

The Holy Grail of All Strollers

I thought finding my single stroller was a challenge - that was nothing compared to finding the perfect double stroller! To go side-by-side or in-line is the first dilemma.  Several of my friends seem to be all about the side-by-side, but I have to admit that I just don’t ever want to have to worry... Continue Reading →

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